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FriedWald GmbH sets new accents in funeral culture. As a pioneer, the company made natural burials known in Germany. In the meantime, relatives can have their loved ones buried at over 70 locations in specially designated burial forests. The first point of contact is the FriedWald customer service, which provides support to customers and interested parties mainly by telephone.

To further optimise telephone service quality and also increase cost efficiency, the company approached us to develop an automated reporting solution.

Goodbye Microsoft Access

Like many small and medium-sized enterprises, FriedWald relied on Access for a long time to create reports for telephone data analysis. The data was then visualised in PowerPoint. Determining the call centre key figures with Access required a lot of manual work. On the one hand, this is very time-consuming. On the other hand, it can lead to errors in reporting. Data on the number of callers, waiting time, speaking time, etc. were entered and visualised.

Reporting is designed to ensure that customer service is optimally staffed. The aim is to reduce waiting times and at the same time achieve a balanced workload for individual employees. At the same time, data protection must be ensured, for example through time-based storage of employees' names.


Hello Data warehouse

Tekaris developed a business intelligence solution that is based on licence-free Microsoft products and is therefore cost-effective. The conceptual starting point here is a two-level data warehouse with a staging area and a query area. All relevant caller data from the telephone system is fed into the data warehouse. Historical data can also be added in order to analyse and evaluate developments over a longer period of time.

Automated reporting provides starting points, for example, to reduce waiting time for callers and thus increase service quality.
Automated reporting provides starting points, for example, to reduce waiting time for callers and thus increase service quality.

Microsoft products used

Data base
SQL server express

Data transport
PowerShell for ETL

Reporting frontend
PowerBI desktop

Windows task scheduling

Tasks of the automated solution

  • Fully automated extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data from various sources
  • Evaluation of the data for reporting
  • Generating individual statistics on the number of callers, call duration, call time, etc.
  • Graphical presentation of the monitoring data and wallboards, for example in diagrams

„Tekaris has provided us with a perfectly fitting and reliable solution for our business to grow with. We are very much looking forward to further cooperation.“

Karina Seel, FriedWald GmbH

Automated. Licence-free. Scalable.

Our business intelligence solution offers FriedWald many advantages. The most obvious: time-consuming manual data preparation and report generation are eliminated. In addition, automated data entry is significantly less error-prone than a copy/paste process. FriedWald can generate individual reports at the touch of a button. The updating frequency can be set as desired.

Another advantage is that we used licence-free Microsoft products. On the one hand, these are future-proof and on the other hand, they are free of charge. If further analysis and reporting functions are needed, the functional framework can be expanded with Microsoft licence products. In this way, the licence and cost structure can be adapted to the challenges. Therefore, the solution is attractive for every call centre or service hotline that wants to analyse caller data and thus optimise processes.


Tekaris Geschäftsführung und Data Analytics Experte Josef Stegschuster, Foto: Tekaris GmbH

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Published on:
19. November 2021
Updated on:
28. March 2023

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