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Securely capture customer data, ensure seamless customer experience

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IAM systems (Identity and Access Management) are now standard in companies. The next step within the digital transformation is a CIAM system (C stands for Customer).

These systems allow precise knowledge of the customer relationship. Companies can use the data obtained for marketing and user research. And they can do so in a data-safe manner. But the steps are full of challenges. Nevertheless: CIAM solutions offer you many opportunities for digital business models.


CIAM in three sentences

With a CIAM system, companies record and manage identity and profile data of their customers. The company uses the system to control customer access to individual applications and services - across different platforms. Ideally, the customer logs in to the services via an account and experiences a uniform user experience.



A Customer Identity Access Management system (CIAM) enables access with only one login for all services.
A Customer Identity Access Management system (CIAM) enables access with only one login for all services.

Support of the digital business model

A CIAM system is a driver for digital business. The CIAM solution not only simplifies access to digital offers and experiences for customers, but also offers high added value to financial service providers, insurance companies and other customer-oriented businesses. The user data collected, which the customer has agreed to use, can be integrated into the CRM and linked to automation systems.


Icons Tekaris Vorteile eines CIAM Systems: User Analytics

User analytics

Growth through better customer insight based on data.

Icons Tekaris Vorteile eines CIAM Systems: Customer Fokus

Know your customer

Secure legitimation check through precise identification.

Icons Tekaris Vorteile eines CIAM Systems: Hohe Kundenbindung

Higher customer loyalty

Retaining customers through an access and user experience.

Icons Tekaris Vorteile eines CIAM Systems: Bessere Conversion

Better conversion

More deals through a unified omni-channel experience.

Icons Tekaris Vorteile eines CIAM Systems: Marketing Integration

Marketing integration

Integration of analytics data into marketing campaigns and retargeting.

Icons Tekaris Vorteile eines CIAM Systems: Cyber Security

Safe from cyber attacks

Systems like Azure Active Directory defend against 99% of all attacks.

Tekaris Gründer, Geschäftsführer und Experte für Identity Management Konrad Pfeffer, Foto: Tekaris GmbH

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What a CIAM solution does

In a CIAM system, the company attributes specific characteristics to customers and partners, which they make available to it on different applications.

Typical features are:
• Self registration
• Self-service account management
• Single Sign-On (SSO)
• Multifactor authentication
• Social login: Authentication via Facebook, Google and Co.

It also regulates factors such as consent and preference management and consent mechanisms that allow users to control their data. The CIAM also provides directory services, data access governance and web interface management.

Good CIAM solutions thus ensure a consistent customer experience on the one hand and offer high scalability and performance across all accesses and channels on the other.


The path to implementation

But how do you get such a good CIAM solution?
The introduction of a CIAM is a multi-stage process in which Tekaris accompanies its customers through all steps.

1. CIAM audit: Defining the individual requirement
2. Developing a strategy of federated identities and analytics capabilities
3. Customizing the CIAM
4. Migration of the existing applications into the system
5. Review of all regulatory requirements

Usually no own infrastructure is necessary for the implementation of a CIAM. We check the requirements for our customers in advance. The focus is on a secure implementation.



CIAM solutions for our customers

Icons Tekaris Partner Identity Management Systeme: Microsoft Azure

Azure Active Directory
Directory services, identity federation with single sign-on and multi-level authentication or access management from the cloud - Microsoft's identity service offers a wide range of services.

Icons Tekaris Partner Identity Management Systeme: Auth0

The identity service follows a cloud-first strategy. AuthO is highly scalable and customisable across all applications (web, mobile, etc.) and offers multiple identity federations.


CIAM in use

Let's take a look at a typical scenario.
An insurance company publishes a web application for its customers and its partners. The customer registers with a user name and password. Partners who already work with an identity provider like Azure Active Directory connect via identity federations. So far, so standard.

But it doesn't stop at the one application. Other online products are being added. The policyholder expects to be able to log in via the same account, with the same password. The insurance company wants to manage the external identity providers centrally.

The branding should be recognisable across all platforms. A CIAM solution is already helping.

A well-configured CIAM allows partners to bring their own applications onto your platform.
A well-configured CIAM allows partners to bring their own applications onto your platform.

Now products of an insurance partner are added. A reinsurer offers the insurance company a full-service package against cyber damage, which the insurance company markets as its own offer. The conclusion and the calculation run via the application of the reinsurer. The front end is in the design of the insurance company. The end customer always has a consistent user experience and only needs one account to conclude and manage his insurance contracts.

This poses challenges for CIAM solutions. The systems must be multi-client capable. This concerns data handling, branding, user and rights management. The latter is also to be delegated to the clients. At the latest now, a well-configured and implemented CIAM is required.



Tekaris Gründer, Geschäftsführer und Experte für Identity Management Konrad Pfeffer, Foto: Tekaris GmbH


Konrad Pfeffer, Managing Director Tekaris

For the past 20 years, Konrad Pfeffer has been dealing with questions of application development, security environment, and compliance & identity. Before joining Tekaris, he had been working at a leading global reinsurer for a long time. He launched numerous innovation projects and accompanied various companies into the cloud. Konrad Pfeffer is the initiator of the Meet-Up series "Smart Identity".


CIAM audit and CIAM consulting

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In a CIAM audit, we clarify the ACTUAL and TARGET status of your identity management and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different variants of CIAM implementation, from individual software development to standard solutions.

We show you the way to your smart CIAM solution.

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