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Create and manage access for users
Identity Management / Customer centricity
Finance & Insurance Healthcare Retail
Published on 21. May 2021

Companies use a cIAM system to provide services to partners and customers - often internationally. In this white paper, we show how you can reduce your administrative efforts with the help of delegated rights management.

Tekaris Identity Management for Banking & Insurance Secure IAM
Identity Management / IT-Security
Finance & Insurance
Published on 11. March 2021

A digitized financial industry must reconcile user expectations and legal security requirements. One approach: a cloud-based overall solution and capability mapping.

Businesswoman successfully implements identity management with Tekaris
Identity Management / Customer centricity
Finance & Insurance Retail Healthcare
Published on 11. January 2021

CIAM solutions are not only secure, but also support the digital business model. What requirements does a mandate-enabled CIAM need? How does the integration work?