Secure IT solution? Generate competitive advantages from data? Build a new digital business model? Our best practice and digitisation examples show methods that are also relevant for your business. 

Think big. Start small: scalable and cheap data warehouse for small companies.
Automation / E-Commerce
Published on 19. November 2021

How can service quality and efficiency in reporting be improved at a manageable cost? The answer: with licence-free, scalable data warehouse solutions.

Create and manage access for users
Identity Management / Customer centricity
Finance & Insurance Healthcare Retail
Published on 21. May 2021

Companies use a cIAM system to provide services to partners and customers - often internationally. In this white paper, we show how you can reduce your administrative efforts with the help of delegated rights management.

Tekaris Identity Management for Banking & Insurance Secure IAM
Identity Management / IT-Security
Finance & Insurance
Published on 11. March 2021

A digitized financial industry must reconcile user expectations and legal security requirements. One approach: a cloud-based overall solution and capability mapping.

Businesswoman successfully implements identity management with Tekaris
Identity Management / Customer centricity
Finance & Insurance Retail Healthcare
Published on 11. January 2021

CIAM solutions are not only secure, but also support the digital business model. What requirements does a mandate-enabled CIAM need? How does the integration work?

We joined forces with Ascent

We joined forces with Ascent, a leading european company for digital services, in order to help companies achieve exceptional results connecting data, software and cloud.

By joining forces with Ascent, we are able to scale our business as an integral part of an international organization and can now offer a wider range of services to our customers.

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