Build stronger innovative power in order to achieve goals more efficiently with agile workflows.

The human being transforms with

Workshops, trainings and tools for agile working and thinking

Digital transformation means more than just introducing new technologies. Digital transformation requires an awareness of digital processes among all those involved. Only then digital processes will lead to the desired success. Tekaris supports you in anchoring a digital culture and innovative methods in your company: with workshops, trainings and tools.



Get on board & pick up speed

We start where you are right now. With proven techniques, we enable fast validation and bring a breath of fresh air into stalled projects. In a non-binding meeting of about 1 hour, we talk to you about your problems and discuss individual solutions.

Book our expertise as a straightforward initial evaluation of your problem.


Test your product idea, your process idea. We support you with an established technology stack without technical imponderables: Fast prototyping, proof-of-concept. You can concentrate fully on the business features and have a reliable result at the end.


Align products with users from the start. We build MVPs with you that quickly provide valuable feedback. This allows you to validate products at an early stage and successively improve them. For maximum customer centricity.


Support for difficult projects. Resetting and resuming projects that are threatening to hit the wall. We find the pain points and solutions for them, bring motivation into the team and the project back on an efficient course.


Mature methodically

Using agile methods, we determine the digital maturity level of your company together, identify potential and form the basis for further development. Together we answer questions such as: Which digital applications do we want to use for which purpose? Will this enable us to achieve our goals? Do digital processes and tools contribute to innovation, productivity and good collaboration? How do those involved deal with them? Is there potential for improvement?


Capability Maturity Models (CMMI)

Evaluation of digitisation quality across all business units

Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF methodology)

Framework for planning and implementing a digital structure

Requirements Engineering

Specify requirements from a customer, resource, and budget perspective

Test automation

Automated and measurable status check of digital processes

Agile to innovation, value and process optimization

Successful digitization starts with people. In our workshops and trainings, we bring digital knowledge and thinking closer to your employees and get them excited about agile methods. Depending on your needs and goals, we work with different approaches that focus on different processes and business issues. For each project, we decide individually which process model best fits your requirements.


DevSecOps / DevOps

Interlocked mode of operation, reliable services, shorter development cycles, higher security of the developed product.


Short communication channels, high effectiveness through self-organization, continuous improvement process.


Shorter lead times, transparent improvement, consistent workflow, easier integration through visualisation.

Design thinking

Shortened processes, user-centered work, cost-effective validation, positive error culture for innovation.

V models

Minimization of risks, better planning capability, improvement of product quality, cost savings.

Effort estimation

Organized knowledge management, reliable estimation of costs and resources, reliable forecast values.

Develop your business

Increase innovative power

Digital knowledge provides you with sustainable added value and competitive advantages. It is the basis for a culture of innovation and rapid product development (time-to-market).

Think user-centric

The use of agile methods allows you to work in a user-centric and team-oriented manner. User stories and testing flow into the development process.

Better control

Sprint planning and sprint reviews give you a good overview of progress. Errors are detected early. You can quickly make adjustments in the face of changing competitive requirements, customer and user needs.

Off to digital leadership

As an innovation partner, we support you in setting up your digital business processes and enterprise architecture in the best possible way and implement a digital culture. To do this, we work with agile methods and leading global technology providers. We strengthen your employees in workshops and training sessions. Because digital transformation starts with people. It is your employees who lead you to digital leadership.

Tekaris Gründer, Geschäftsführer und Experte für Identity Management Konrad Pfeffer, Foto: Tekaris GmbH

Let's look together at how we can build more innovative power in your company.

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