Gain valuable insights and establish new business models with intelligent data use.

Recognize data correlations for secure decision-making bases

You have the data, we have the expertise. Tekaris harnesses the power of data for you by connecting data warehousing, business intelligence and predictive analytics with your relevant enterprise applications.

With intelligent integration strategies and technologies, we combine historical data and live data and provide you with meaningful reports and analyses. We integrate the gained insights into your business processes. Continuously. Around the clock. Thus, we successively improve the process quality. Our applied scientific methods support your company in recognizing new data correlations and making increasingly accurate predictions on this basis. Reactive action becomes proactive action.


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Design Patterns
Data Management
Data Governance
Data Privacy


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Data Warehouse
Data Lake

Container Orchestration
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Test Automation

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Data Integration
Data Migration


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(Added Value)

Self-Service BI
Dynamic Process Control

Advanced Analytics
Machine Learning
Predictive Analytics

Tekaris Geschäftsführung und Data Analytics Experte Josef Stegschuster, Foto: Tekaris GmbH

There's more to your data than a bar chart. With our experience from over 100 digitisation projects, we build your data-driven enterprise.

Your contact in data analytics: Josef Stegschuster

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Data as business driver

Data is the raw material of the future. We support companies at all levels of business in unearthing this treasure. We use the data obtained and existing data to optimize business areas and processes and to develop innovative business models. The data provides insights into customer behavior and decision-making processes and points to ways of optimization.


Business optimization

Operationalizing your data gives you economic advantages in various business areas.

Growth potential

Increase in sales through new products by means of sophisticated use of data

Risk minimization

More accurate identification of fraud attempts and payment defaults

Customer behaviour

Forecasting of purchasing behaviour and other behavioural patterns

Customer retention

Number-based development of strategic customer retention tools

Process optimization

We improve existing processes by using data mining to identify, test and expand new connections and trends. 

Dynamic automation

Data-driven automation and orchestration of your services and process flows

Enterprise data warehouse

Developing a central nervous system to harmonize data and accelerate data-driven forecasting


Your data can do more. Based on data analytics and data science, we develop your data products, which you can offer on the market as a stand-alone product or service or which make your established processes even better. 

New business models

Development and implementation of digital and data-based business models

Internet of things

Support for "predictive" and "thinking" machines through data-driven forecasting and analysis

Data as commodity / data marketplaces

Harnessing data as raw material and commodity


Accelerate your business.


Let's look together at where the potential of your data lies. We sit down for half a day and highlight your company's data sources and contrast them with your short- and long-term business goals. Based on our expertise, we develop ideas, identify optimization potential and define possible next steps.


  • Result: photo log
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Number of participants: 4 max.
  • Costs: 1.500 €


Thinking in space: this is how Tekaris works

Tekaris works with a holistic approach. This means that we look at data from different perspectives.


We have all the challenges of a data-driven business in mind - from data management and the data warehouse to data marts and cubes to data and process integration. And beyond that in enterprise reporting and with advanced analytics.


We accompany you throughout the entire value cycle - from BI strategy and BI organization to architecture consulting and conception to implementation, operation and optimization. In addition, we train your employees. 

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